AMT Associates is a ‘full service’ brokerage house headquartered in Hong Kong. We show each of our clients a diverse range of investments and strategies that work seamlessly with their existing portfolios and financial goals. We offer a fully personalized portfolio management service to each client, whether it is a retirement plan, education fund, or estate plan, we apply the knowledge and techniques we have accumulated from years of hard work and education. Our dedication is to bring you the best options available to you and your portfolio. With you in mind we ensure that each strategy we implement fits well with your circumstance and financial goals. If you have an objective or a goal in mind, but just aren’t sure how to get there, AMT Associates will work closely with you, to give you the same quality advise time and time again.

We offer a direct connection into the international and local markets, whether it is trading stock, upcoming IPO’s, Options, or alternative investments, this opens your eyes to a broad range of investment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to you. We have been offering a comprehensive selection of investment choices to our clients since 2000, and have continued to develop and grow our strategies as the markets have evolved.

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