Investment Banking

AMT Associates Investment banking team has built a fierce reputation by enabling our clients to enhance their financial aspirations. Focused on investment strategies in conjunction with the latest research into market innovations, we provide evolving solutions that are tailored to each of our clients’ goals. If you are looking for risk management, long term growth or an aggressive market approach, our team has the educational backgrounds and experience to ensure that your needs are met. Each trade is dealt with the professionalism and personal touch that really gives you the returns and service you deserve when working with a broker.

Equity Trading

We understand that finance management can be difficult to handle alone, which is why we here at AMT Associates focus on the important things. We have access to a large network of international markets that enable us to offer the best opportunities to you. The team here consists of trading experts who have years of experience in a variety of sectors. Combining our expertise with the right tools, we are able to show our clients thriving portfolios that they can rely on should their personal circumstance change. Our team continues to evolve with the markets, and we provide our clients with valuable daily insights into the markets. We have a front row seat when it comes to finance, we work with a very diverse group of clients, from high net worth individuals, to corporations and hedge funds. Each of our clients are treated with the same level of professionalism and care as the next regardless of initial investment capital, our aim is to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the exciting opportunities we can bring to you.

Fixed Income Investment

AMT Associates caters for investors from a diverse range of backgrounds, Geographic’s and situations. Our fixed income investment portfolio is a reliable low risk path for investment returns that offer dividends on a consistent basis. If you have a low risk tolerance this is a perfect opportunity for you to get started on the path to investing and reaching your goals.

At AMT Associates, our fixed income specialists are dedicated to offering individuals investment solutions that are tailored around your risk tolerance, for those starting out investing, or those in retirement who are looking for a passive income. The team combines strong market research and analysis with your needs to create a package that suits you.

We always offer advice to our clients that we would be happy to take into our personal portfolios. We do not maintain an inventory of securities and shares that we give to our clients, our sole goal is to assist you in the growth of your portfolio based around what you want, and we are focused on the clients not commissions.

Corporate/Private Client Advisory

AMT Associates Offers the ultimate trading expertise and experience to our corporate and private clients. We deliver a tailor made portfolio with suitable options that meet the demands of you as an individual or as a corporation. We understand that doing your own finance can be a tiresome job when you have many responsibilities, which is why our consultants work closely with you to discuss and create a suitable path that will show you increased growth with you having as much or as little input as you want. The Trade execution team combined with our industry leading private client service team, provide each of our clients with dynamic trading executions in a diverse selection of markets. We offer a complete start to finish service, which enables us to manage and maintain your portfolio for as long as you need. With so many customizable portfolios to choose from we ensure we have something for everyone. Our aim is to ensure that you reach your financial goals in a timely manner, in an environment where you know that you will succeed.

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